Programs Offered

5. To Be a Leader Seminar

The purpose of this proposal is to present an outline for a comprehensive TWO DAY seminar in leadership for individuals in middle and senior management positions. Today, individuals in key leadership positions must possess both a thorough knowledge of leadership and the critical ability to nurture the constant growth of new leaders. This seminar will bring the participant through the experience of the dynamic we call leadership. This will be accomplished through case studies, small group discussion, and presentations on the five dynamics – personal awareness, vision, ethical awareness, commitment, and seeing reality – which need to be present for effective and creative leadership to flourish.

The purpose of this seminar is to take the participant inside the leadership experience to learn what leadership is and what power is. The seminar is an in-depth study and application of the leadership experience. Each participant will leave this seminar with an understanding of what he/she must do to create the leadership experience for him/herself.

By the end of this seminar, each participant will:
  1. understand the inner relationships of leadership dynamics;
  2. understand how better to increase personal leadership abilities and those leadership abilities of their workforce;
  3. understand the critical importance of personal commitment and accountability;
  4. understand the role of polarity and paradox in leadership dynamics; and
  5. understand the interplay between systems and strategy.
This interactive seminar is structured around the five inner dynamics of creative leadership:
  1. Personal Awareness means understanding your own inner dynamics or what makes you tick. It refers to dealing creatively with anxiety which comes with leadership.
  2. Vision means having the ability to apply analytical skills, to look at situations with different filters in place, to think differently, and to inspire.
  3. Ethical Awareness refers to the importance of people, understanding values and moral principles and the leader’s personal integrity.
  4. Commitment is defined as having the courage to take charge, to use power wisely and effectively, and to be free and responsible.
  5. Seeing Reality refers to facing life and the world with no illusions. It means dealing with what is rather than wishes or wants. Seeing reality means being focused on tasks and results. Lastly, it demands the leader understand other people’s perceptions of the world.
Each of these dynamics will be approached from four different manners of being present: political, intellectual, emotional, and integrative. Each of these manners of being present is designed to bring the participant into a personal understanding of their own leadership strengths and weaknesses. This methodology will suggest ways to improve one’s core leadership dynamics.