Programs Offered

4. Critical Thinking and Personal Awareness Seminar

The purpose of this proposal is to present an outline for a ONE DAY seminar in critical thinking for individuals in middle and senior management positions. This seminar will introduce the participant to the dynamic of critical thinking. This will be accomplished through case studies, problem solving activities, and presentations on the foundational keys of critical.

The purpose of this seminar is to take the participant inside the critical thinking process to present a holistic problem solving method. The seminar is an in-depth study and application of the principles of critical thinking. Each participant will leave this seminar with an understanding of the foundations of critical thinking and a methodology for creative problem solving.

The overall goal of this seminar is to link need for critical thinking skills to bottom-line leadership skills in order to become better leaders. By the end of this seminar, each participant will:
  1. Understand the interrelated components of the critical thinking process;
  2. Be able to identify their own personal blocks to effective critical thinking;
  3. Understand the various ways we think and the strengths and weaknesses of each way; and
  4. Be introduced to a practical critical thinking methodology.