Programs Offered

3. Ethics and the Corporation

In this ONE DAY seminar the participant will explore the role of values and ethics within corporation. Using a combination of case studies, short presentations and discussions, the participant will see how the firm, conceived legally as a "moral person", has obligations to its stakeholders. The seminar is designed to introduce the participant to the ethical concepts of promise keeping, justice, and fairness as it relates to the activities of the firm. We will also look at the role of the individual within the firm to discover the ethical dynamic of the firm and how that dynamic affects the individual. Some of the critical points this seminar will explore are:
  1. The firm as a moral agent;
  2. The concept of "Ethics Pays"
  3. The concept of "Ethics Counts"
  4. Values which are foundational to the corporation;
  5. The individual's role as a moral person within the firm; and
  6. Ethical alignment within the firm