Programs Offered

2. Ethics and the Leader Seminar

The purpose of this seminar is to assist each leader in understanding the dynamics of ethics within his/her respective organization. It is designed to show how corporate values inform all business decisions, how values are disseminated within organizations, the critical importance of the leader within the ethical dynamic of any organization, and how personal and corporate awareness must be integrated in order for the organization to flourish. This will be designed as a FOUR HOUR seminar building upon work of the basic seminar in ethical awareness.

The overall goal of this seminar is to integrate personal awareness and corporate awareness into a dynamic understanding of ethics as the foundation for corporate activity. To this end, each participant in this seminar will:
  1. Understand the role of the leader in values creation and ethical activity within his/her organization;
  2. Understand what influences values within the corporation;
  3. Know the relationship between core values, purpose, and mission;
  4. Know how to disseminate values and encourage ethical behaviour within the organization; and
  5. Understand ethics as the heart of leadership.