Programs Offered

1. Ethical Awareness and Decision Making Seminar

The purpose of the seminar is to assist each individual in developing critical ethical decision making skills to deal with any ethical dilemma the individual may face both in his/her professional and personal life. It is designed to be integrative with the manner in which the individual thinks and acts rather than a "How to" approach. This seminar is designed to be presented as a ONE DAY seminar.

The overall goal of this training is to integrate ethical awareness and ethical decision making into the day to day life of the professional and have ethical practice as the foundation for any professional dealings. Each participant in this seminar will:
  1. Understand the relationship between ethics and trust creation/enhancement;
  2. Understand what values are from an individual and corporate perspective;
  3. Be introduced to the process of ethical dynamics;
  4. Be introduced to the different ways individuals and organizations think ethically;
  5. Understand the close relationship between values, ethical thinking systems and professional styles of relating; and
  6. Be introduced to an ethical decision making process.