The Case for Applied Ethics

I want to make the case for applied ethics as the basis for ethics training within any organization. Ethics creates the relational dynamic within the organization, the bond each of us has with any other person. It is so much a part of who we are and what we do that we often tend to over look it or, worse, minimize it. This fact, that ethics is an integrated part of who we are as people, has the effect that it can quickly recede into the background for many of us and only surfaces when something goes wrong or does not feel right. In other words, often we don’t notice “ethics” until something forces us to notice it but by then the damage has been done.


The Power of Money

Have you ever wondered why so many of us are so attached to our money? “Money makes the world go round” is a lyric from the musical Cabaret and there are more people than not in today's world who would agree with these lyrics. We sacrifice our well-being for it, some people kill for it, some people steal it knowing if they get caught they're off to jail, some people work themselves to death for it while many others base their self-esteem upon it. Obviously, in today's world we put a lot of emphasis upon money.